May 10, 2004

Reminder to All Pro FM owners regarding updates

1. There is an improved rear, upper, outboard suspension clevis available P/N 020-530 RH, 020-531 LH. This is provided free of charge as an exchange for the previous clevis.

2. There is an improved front anti roll bar blade available P/N 000-510. This is provided free of charge as an exchange for the previous blade. Since the updated blade is stronger (stiffer), the sway bay must either be modified (softened) to compensate or a 19mm sway bar P/N 000-551 must be substituted for the original 20.5mm sway bar. The combination of the original 20.5mm with the new blade is now the oval spec. The cost of the 19mm bar is $187.41. FARB Modification Diagram.

3. It is strongly recommended that the fasteners holding the steering rack clamps to the front bulkhead of the tub be changed to ¼-28. This was explained on the website Be certain to use only the best quality fasteners, such as those available through Star Race Cars dealers.

4. Everyone needing to have the motor bolts and seals rechecked should have done so by now. Of 30 motors inspected approximately six required rebuild and recertification on the dyno. If this subject is new to you, see or contact your Star Pro FM dealer.

5. A few teams have encountered excessive wear in the differential case, which Hewland has ascribed to the backs of some bevel gears not being perfectly flat on the face perpendicular to the cross shaft. At your fist opportunity, inspect your differential gears and, if yours are slightly concave on the back, Hewland will exchange them for new gears, free of charge. Thanks to Craig Taylor for catching the problem. Contact your Pro FM dealer to arrange the exchange before 15 July. Hewland’s free exchange offer is for a limited time only. Hewland Diagram 1 ; Hewland Diagram 2.

6. We have had one report of a broken pin which holds the forward leg of the front lower A arm to the chassis. This was after the bulletin about proper installation and after Sebring. Otherwise, we have had not other adverse reports about this part, since the bulletin. EMT are reexamining the parts design and the assembly process to identify any possible causes. In the meantime, be especially watchful and report any problems in this area to your Pro FM dealer or directly to Star Race Cars, without delay.

Gary Rodrigues
Star Race Cars/Star Mazda Series