2003 Results - Star Mazda Series Red Line Oil Championship

Portland International Raceway
May 16 - 17, 2003

Kyle Kelley marks Portland debut with victory

May 17, 2003, Portland, OR. In his first appearance at Portland International Raceway, as part of the Star Mazda Series Red Line Oil Championship, series newcomer Kyle Kelley claimed the pole position and prevailed in a race long duel over Phil Fogg Jr. to claim his first Star Mazda Series victory.

“It always feels great when you cross the finish line first and I have to thank my team and my sponsors Pauline’s Antiques, UPRacing.com, Carlos Arroyo and Sons, Lanzini and Design Products,” an exuberant Kelley exclaimed. “While the pro race at Nazareth had taken a few of the regular drivers across the country the race here was still hotly contested.”

Much like the Star Mazda Series North American Championship drivers in Nazareth, the Red Lin Oil Championship drivers were faced with ever-changing weather as they prepared for the 24-lap event around the 1.9 Mile road course. Despite only three previous races in the Formula Mazda, and no experience in rain with the car, Kelley managed to start put the weekend third fastest and would lower his times all weekend, claiming the pole position with a time of 1:18.143 just before the rains returned to the track.

As the green flag fell for the Saturday race, Kelley was able to maintain the lead for the early part of the race, but slipping up on a wet exit curb allowed Phil Fogg Jr to slip through and into the lead. The rest of the race Kelley and Fogg would be locked together in a battle of wills. Kelley would take the lead only to have Fogg reclaim the spot. So hard fought was the battle that the lead changed three times on the final lap as Kelley was able to maneuver past Fogg into turn one, only to give the position back to Fogg, as they entered the final turn Kelley saw an opportunity to get inside Fogg and they had a drag race to the finish line with Kelley edging out Fogg by a nose.

“I don’t think the race could’ve been any more exciting and I have to compliment Phil Fogg Jr on our battle,” Kelley said. “We were both going for the win but we gave each other enough room to race. Now I’ve got to prepare for Seattle and my second new track in as many weeks.”

Rounding out the podium for Star Mazda Series Red Line Oil Championship entrants was current Masters Championship points leader Bob Negron. While another series newcomer, John Green, would take fourth place points and Garrett Drysdale would claim the final position in the top five.

Despite missing the event to compete in the North American Championship Mike Anderson maintains the top spot in the championship ahead of Alan Rudolph, while second place finisher Phil Fogg Jr moves up to third in the championship points battle as the series prepares for a double race weekend at Pacific Raceway in Seattle.


Pos Driver Qual Laps Qual Lap Race Lap
1 Kyle Kelley 1 24 1:18.143 1:17.348
2 Phil Fogg, Jr 4 24 1:22.947 1:17.529
3 Melvin Kemper, Jr 12 24 1:27.767 1:17.179
4 Bob Negron 6 24 1:24.669 1:17.681
5 John Green II 5 24 1:23.048 1:17.953
6 Ethan Hernandez 14 24 1:29.095 1:18.061
7 Dave Gaylord 2 24 1:22.461 1:17.824
8 Garrett Drysdale 10 24 1:26.362 1:18.878
9 Brian McAtee 11 24 1:27.543 1:18.929
10 Norman Hernandez 9 24 1:26.357 1:19.694
11 Timothy Osborne 13 24 1:28.012 1:20.112
12 Phil Fogg, Sr 3 23 1:22.827 1:18.596
13 Bob Hatle 8 23 1:26.213 1:20.155
14 Matt Kurdock 7 23 1:25.462 1:20.295




Current Series Points

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