Southwest Formula Mazda Series
by Sandy Magrath

The 2002 Southwest Formula Mazda Series ran Rounds 5 & 6 at the AVRG Region SCCA Green Country Grand Prix held at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit on April 13-14.  On Saturday, the rain hit hard and all were forced to practice and qualify with a full rain set up.  Brad Pollard (Fairview, Tx) qualified on the pole with Frank Tomlinson (Hutto, Tx) in 2nd and Bob Stallings (Dallas) 3rd.  By race time, the track had dried and drivers and crews scrambled to change the cars back to a dry set up.  Unfortunately for Brad Pollard and Frank Tomlinson, the track was not dry enough.  Both skidded off the track in Turn 1, Lap 1.  Bob Stallings, anticipating some trouble in Turn 1, held back and took the opportunity for the lead with Pollard and Tomlinson off the track.  Pollard and Tomlinson both made it back on the track and Pollard proceeded to work his way back up to the front.  Nick Leber (Irving, Tx), starting in the back due to a spin in Qualifying, began working his way to the front as well.  R. David Jones (Ft. Worth) held on to 2nd for 8 laps until passed by Pollard.  Leber then got Jones on Lap 13. Jones’ 4th place finish was consequently stolen from him by a quarrel with an FC on the last lap of the race.  Bob Stallings retained a comfortable lead for the entire competition and won the race with Pollard in 2nd and Leber 3rd.  The fastest race lap was set by Pollard with a 1:16:96.  Sunday brought beautiful weather with sunshine and temperatures in the 80’s.  Brad Pollard had the pole with Stallings in 2nd and Darryl Wills 3rd.  At the completion of Lap 1, Stallings was in front with Pollard close behind and Wills in 3rd.  Stallings and Pollard were running “neck in neck” until lap 5 when a Full Course Caution was thrown.  On the restart, Pollard took the lead.   Pollard and Stallings held their 1st and 2nd place positions securely for the remainder of the race.  However Darryl Wills had cars all over him trying to take his 3rd place position.  R. David Jones got around him on Lap 9 and stayed there for 3 laps.  Nur B. Ali and Greg Byrne also gave Wills a run for his money.  Wills did prevail and finished 3rd behind  Stallings (2nd) and Pollard (1st).  Darryl Wills had the fasted race lap with a 1:17:31.  Rounds 7 & 8 of the Southwest Formula Mazda Series will be held at TWS on May 25-26.  Previous race results and point standings can be found at and


Round 5 (Hallett SCCA Regional 4/13/02) 

Qualifying  (Rain) Race

1.  Brad Pollard (1:33:41)

1.  Bob Stallings (1:18:44)

2.  Frank Tomlinson (1:36:72)

2.  Brad Pollard (1:16:96)

3.  Bob Stallings (1:37:64)

3.  Nick Leber (1:19:20)

4.  R. David Jones (1:37:89)

4.  Nur B. Ali (1:18:25)

5.  Darryl Wills (1:40:17)

5.  Greg Byrne (1:19:13)

6.  Greg Byrne (1:43:78)

6.  R. David Jones (1:20:97)

7.  Larry Eppard (1:44:18)

7.  Larry Eppard (1:21:52)

8.  Nur B. Ali (1:46:64)

8.  Roger Addison (1:21:25)

9.  Roger Addison (1:55:77)

9.  Darryl Wills (1:19:54)

10.Nick Leber (no time)

10.Frank Tomlinson (1:21:19)

Round 6 (Hallett SCCA National 4/14/02)

Qualifying Race

1.  Brad Pollard (1:16:73)

1.  Brad Pollard (1:17:62)

2.  Bob Stallings (1:17:58)

2.  Bob Stallings (1:17:63)

3.  Darryl Wills (1:17:90)

3.  Darryl Wills (1:17:31)

4.  R. David Jones (1:18:92)

4.  Nur B. Ali (1:17:94)

5.  Larry Eppard (1:18:93)

5.  Greg Byrne (1:17:94)

6.  Nick Leber (1:19:08)

6.  Frank Tomlinson (1:19:30)

7.  Nur B. Ali (1:19:09)

7.  R. David Jones (1:19:01)

8.  Greg Byrne (1:19:30)

8.  Roger Addison (1:20:66)

9.  Frank Tomlinson (1:19:39)

9.  Larry Eppard (1:20:27)

10.Roger Addison (1:19:74)

10.Nick Leber (1:23:05)










Point Standings
(Revised 4/17/02)

1. Brad Pollard ®


8. Frank Tomlinson ®


2. Bob Stallings ® (m)


9. Larry Eppard ® (m)


3. Nur B. Ali


10. Roger Addison


 4. Nick Leber ® (m)


11. Dena Tomlin ®


4. Greg Byrne (m)


12. Tom Woodman ® (m)


6. Darryl Wills


13. Kevin Dutton ®


6. R. David Jones (m)










Note:  Drivers are scored on their best 12 out of 14 races.  Drivers that attend                         
all races will drop 2 of their worse finishes.  Points shown above reflect the
dropped finishes.

® = Rookie         (m) = Master