Subject: Important inspection of Pro FM motor security bolts

We have discovered a potential problem which requires immediate attention. Some of the new pro FM motors have been found to have the security bolts, which hold the dark green motor seals among other functions, installed without the required anti-vibration protection. This can be checked visually, usually without difficulty, by looking at the tension bolt which runs along the lower right side of the motor. The bolt can be correctly identified, with the right side pod removed, by looking past the exhaust header at the side of the motor, near the bottom. A flashlight will probably be required. If the bolt has the anti-vibration protection, you will likely see some residual silicone on the center housing of the motor at the point where the tension bolt passes through. If you see the residual silicone, your motor is OK. If you do not, the motor will have to come out to be checked, then resealed. If there were only the one security bolt per motor, the correction could be done with the motor in place. Unfortunately, in an attempt to be extra careful in tamper-proofing the motors, two security bolts were installed. The only way to get at the second bolt is to remove the transmission from the motor. If the bolt is broken, the motor has to come apart. Since the integrity of the motor seals is at stake, we have to go through the seal process all over again.

At this point, the employee who was responsible for the anti-vibration operation of assembling the motors is no longer with Star Race Cars and is vague about remembering, for certain, which motors did or did not get the proper installation. If you check your motor and do not find evidence of the above-mentioned silicone, we must unfortunately request that the motor be returned to Star Race Cars for inspection, correction as needed, and resealing by the Series approved dyno facility. Star Race Cars will pay for the freight both ways, absorb the cost of our labor and materials to correct the problem, plus handling and resealing procedures with the dyno facility. We have considered the possibility of making the corrections in the field, with the motors in place, but we do not feel we can risk any possible compromise in the integrity of the motor seal security system. We obviously cannot risk anyone's possible race results, should a tension bolt fail for lack of the vibration protection. It was two bolt failures, discovered post-Sebring, which brought the problem to light.

We profoundly appologize for this breakdown in our quality control process and for the aggrivation and inconvenience it has caused. You are urged to complete the inspection of your motor immediately and initiate the corrective action, if needed. You have our commitment to complete and return the motors involved as quickly as humanly possible. If an incorrectly assembled motor is discovered before a bolt breaks, the correction can be done quickly. Do not risk a bolt failure, leading to a motor failure. Check your motor now, and if needed, arrange to send it back to Star Race Cars. You may contact your selling dealer, or Star Race Cars directly, if you have any questions. ( Star Race Cars - 818 - 686-3350) In order to qualify for the free freight and repairs, Star Race Cars must be notified of the suspect motor before 21 Apr 04, and the motor must be received at Star Race Cars' facility in California by 5 May 04. Please e-mail, or fax us at (818) 686-3351, with the address the motor should be picked-up from, and the date it can be picked-up. Continuing to run a motor without the anti-vibration provision could result in an avoidable failure.

Gary Rodrigues
Star Race Cars/Star Mazda Series