Subject: Fastners for Steering rack mounts - pro FM

All pro FM owners/teams/dealers:

We have had reports of instances of fastners occasionally stripping on the steering rack mount blocks on some pro FM cars. The fastners provided are supposed to be 6mm bolts with kaylock nuts. Some that have stripped were found to be 5mm bolts, and in at least one case, the nut did not match the bolt correctly. We have discussed the situation with engineers at EMT, and have agreed to the following recommendation.

It is recommended that the fastners (4) all be replaced by 1/4 - 28 hardware. This is a slightly larger set of fastners, but the production tolerances on the holes in the front bulkhead and clamp blocks will permit 1/4 - 28 bolts and jet nuts to be fitted without modification. If you do not have easy access to these fastners, Star Race Cars or any of the Star FM dealers can supply them. As always, be certain to use only high grade fastners, suitable for the stresses of racing. The engineers remind us that it is intended that the bolts pass forward through the front bulkhead, with the nuts on the clamp block side, rather than having the nuts in the bulkhead. We appreciate the feedback of information from all sources, and apologize for any inconvenience involved in checking/replacing these fastners.

Star Race Cars
12 Apr 04