Alcon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorsport and performance brakes has secured the exclusive contract to supply the brakes - calipers and rotors - for the 2004 Star Mazda Series North American Championship.

Phil Stubbs, Alcon’s Director of US Operations explains, “It’s always exciting to develop the brake package for a brand new race car, and tremendously rewarding when the months of hard work results in winning a healthy contract.”

The brake package comprises a special version of the Alcon H-type caliper mated with 278 mm x 18 mm (10.9” x 0.7”) ventilated rotors. Although the brake kit design is primarily based on existing technology, Phil Stubbs highlights one significant design change, “We have introduced a ‘crescent’ shaped groove pattern on the rotors - which is proving to give a distinct performance advantage over conventional straight grooves traditionally used in many different applications across the world.

“Throughout early testing all the drivers have enthused over the improved braking performance, particularly the initial bite and pedal modulation. Nevertheless we will continue to work with the series to fine tune the package over the next few months as we build up to the start of the new season.”

The 2004 championship will be the 14th consecutive year of the Star Mazda Series, with drivers contesting at least ten rounds across the US and Canada, starting at Sebring in March and ending at Laguna Seca, Monterey in October.

The drivers will compete using 240 bhp engined, open wheel cars. Teams are permitted to adjust suspension and aerodynamics but are prohibited from modifying any parts. The engine and dampers will be sealed and the tyres and brakes are championship specified. The performance characteristics are similar to those of a European F3 car.

Gary Rodrigues, President Star Race Cars explains the key objective of the championship, “The Star Mazda Series is about developing new talent. This series provides an opportunity for drivers to compete on ‘a level playing field’ on tracks used by major league events.

“Alcon has been chosen to supply the brakes above the competition as their kit entirely meets our needs. We like to overbuild our cars, particularly as experience has shown us that young, enthusiastic drivers and teams regularly exceed normal performance expectations as they improve their skills. As series organisers we have no issues with the quality or capability of the Alcon components, and we are confident the teams will be pleased with the new brakes.”

Phil Stubbs concludes, “The popularity of the Star Mazda Series is continuing to grow with increasing numbers of participants and spectators. This is primarily because the regulations promote high level competitive racing at an affordable price and focus on driver ability rather than technical wizardry.

“The series is also enjoying even greater television exposure as highlights of the 2003 series will, for the first time, be shown on Sky Sports in the UK and across Europe this November.”


30 October 2003

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