July 1, 2003

To All Star FM Racers:

Congratulations to all the drivers who helped put on a thrilling race at Road Atlanta. There were 38 entries (36 started) and the AMB scoring system proved its worth, because the race order changed every lap of the race, except for three laps of full course yellow, which culminated in a one-lap dash to the checker. The story and points are enclosed here. See the race on Speed Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern, Saturday, 9 August.

Many in attendance got to see the Pro car prototype, in its latest iteration, do a few test laps. Without much time to tune for conditions (cooling issues are still being resolved), the car easily exceeded 150 mph on Atlanta’s straight and showed its potential to approach FA lap times. The new side pods, water and oil coolers should be seen on the car at Infineon Raceway later this month.

We have negotiated an increase in the number of Pro cars included in the initial build from 50 to (now) 60 cars. Fifty-seven cars are already taken. We were very pleased at the reactions of those in Atlanta who watched and heard the new car go. We are still aiming to put the first Pro car in customer hands six months before the debut race at Sebring, 2004. Of course, at 10 cars delivered each month, 60 cars will take six months.

After Infineon, we get three weeks rest and then the Mosport and Road America dates come on back-to-back weekends. Good thing they are not too many miles apart. We hear some Cen Div racers may do both dates with us this year, which will add a lot to the fun. The entries and schedules are here. For those who have not done a Canadian race before, it is easy to handle the border paperwork and the Canadian fans are great. If you are not sure of anything, call us. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

A few MSRs are now in customers’ hands and may compete in either CSR with SCCA Club racing, or Group “A” (street port) and Group “B” (FM spec motor) in SCCA Pro Racing’s Sports Car Series. We think they have the potential to do very well, with excellent reliability and easy access to spare parts

With the new additions to the Star Race Cars line-up, we want to emphasize that the support for the current cars will continue, and remind those who are interested that seven Star Mazda Series will be run next year for drivers of the standard FM cars. The “Star Search Shootout” will also continue in 2004, with the objective of identifying talented drivers in current FM cars who are ready to move into competition in the Pro car. We are still delivering new cars with the standard FM spec today, and will for the foreseeable future.

See you at the races!

Gary E. Rodrigues