Star Mazda Series announces Talent Search Shootout prize package

(March 24, 2003) The Star Mazda Series has announced a new prize package for registered participants in the seven Star Mazda Series championships, which will reward seven drivers, one of the top five drivers from each area, with a test in the new 2004 Pro Formula Mazda racecar. The winner of the Star Mazda Talent Search Shootout will then receive one free race weekend in the new car during the 2004 Star Mazda Series North American Championship.

“It is the goal of the Star Mazda Series to identify talented drivers and help them progress up the racing ladder,” Series President Gary Rodrigues explained. “We feel this prize will be additional incentive for Formula Mazda racers as they compete over the course of the season, and will allow those selected to test their skills against top rated Star Mazda drivers from around the country.”

Each of the seven Star Mazda championships will have a panel to nominate the driver they wish to represent them in the shootout at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in November of 2003. During the test, a panel from the Star Mazda Series North American Championship will evaluate the drivers and name the overall shootout champion and recipient of the free pro race weekend in 2004.

The 2004 Star Mazda Series North American Championship will mark the debut of the all-new Pro Formula Mazda. Featuring a composite chassis, the 240 horsepower Mazda “Renesis” engine to be featured in the upcoming RX-8, six-speed sequential gearbox, and a host of other advanced systems. The 2004 Pro Formula Mazda has already been compared favorably with Formula Three cars out of Europe.

About Star Mazda

The Star Mazda Series is a collection of seven geographically based racing championships, and the nationally televised North American Championship, all of which feature the Formula Mazda chassis manufactured by Star Race Cars. The series aims to train the next generation of professional drivers by providing fair, competitive and cost-effective events for all competitors to showcase their skills.

To learn more about the Star Mazda Series please visit or contact Gary Rodrigues at (818) 686-3350.