February 28, 2003

To All Star Formula Mazda Racers:

Enclosed are the standings fort he Star Mazda Series Red Line Oil Championship. The series is averaging 19-car fields this year, and it seems everyone is racing hard and having a good time. It is a good mix of veterans and newcomers. Plus, the Red line Oil sponsorship is a big hit - the drivers are all looking forward to winning one of the eleven new Sparco driving suits!

Important note: Starting at Sebring, Bosch brand spark plugs are required, to be eligible for series points. For years now, we have been providing Bosch spark plugs free to all Series entrants and requiring Bosch decals on the cars. Recently, Bosch representatives were upset to find some cars using other brands. They have been longstanding sponsors for our Series and it would be a shame to lose them. We have dyno tested several plugs on our motors and Bosch was the best.

The entry form and schedule for Mexico City are attached. There will be representatives of the Mexico race promoters, transport, customs, etc., at the Sebring event to ensure that all questions and arrangements are dealt with. Those wishing to "share in" with another team making the trip should be able to finalize the deal at Sebring and still make the show.

We are finishing up the details for a Series-wide catering setup, starting with breakfast on Thursday, serving breakfast and lunch each day, adjacent to the Star Mazda paddock for all Star Mazda teams and guests, continuing through lunch on Saturday. We will be in touch with each team at Sebring to get counts for meals and determine the commitment to the caterer and cost to each team. We estimate costs will run about $25 per day per person for first class, no hassle, food service and shelter. Should be fun. This will be for Mexico only.

The prototype Pro car will make another appearance at Sebring. If all goes according to plan, we will do some demo laps Tuesday as part of our development and testing program. The car has a lot of features and options to be considered, so stop by and give us your opinion. Our goals are safety, reliability, equality, low operating cost, and a car that feels good on every track. We are very pleased with the basic package at this point. Forty-two of the fifty cars planned for initial production are sold as we write this.

The "first fifteen" preference for North American Championship drivers and teams expires March 1st.

Star Race Cars has filed suit in Federal Court against SCCA. The issue is whether the SCCA has the right to discriminate in its rules in favor of its own subsidiary and in contradiction to its dealings with others. We plan to refrain from further public comment until the case is decided.

Gary E. Rodrigues