Race cars must comply with current SCCA GCR and Formula Car specs, plus:

Electrical:  Only MSD 6AL shall be allowed and mounted on the front or rear of the headrest panel for easy access. Rev Chips may be removed only at select events at the direction of Series Officials.

Instrumentation:  Free, including data acquisition. Telemetry is prohibited.

Suspension:  All cars must be fitted with current Star spec suspension parts. Russell/Hayashi parts not permitted.

Shocks:  All cars must run either FM 8216 or FM 3012 Series Koni shocks in complete car sets. Bump rubber rules per GCR apply. Shock covers of any kind must be removed for qualifying and race sessions.

Transmission:  Blueprinting is allowed, inner working parts are not brand specific and like parts of alternate manufacture may be installed where commonality is interchangeable. These parts include: Gears, Dogs, Forks, Bearings and Shafts. Performance enhancing parts are not permitted. Optional Gear Ratios may be fitted at select events only and at the direction of Series Officials. MK V gears permitted starting May Sears Point event. Permitted MK V gear ratios (requires one shaft change and all gears then must be MK V):  15:30, 15:25, 18:25, 17:23, 19:23, 24:27, 25:26, 26:26.

Wheels:  Centers may be refinished, painted, plated, or powder coated. Stub axles may be drilled for safety pins.

Brakes:  All cars must have late model, two-piece hats and rotors fitted. Alternate alloy caliper pistons and knock-back springs may be fitted.

Clutch:  Only current model, diaphragm clutches allowed.

Bodywork:  Reasonable trimming of bodywork is allowed for proper fit, with maximum gaps to frame rails .500”. Nose poles must be of .083” steel tubing and held in place with the use of two split collar clamps or similar devices to prevent the pole from dislodging in the event of wing loss. Maximum front wing angle of attack shall be 16 degrees measured with a straight edge across the upper surface of the wing to its trailing edge, less Gurney, and with driver seated in the car post session.

Ballast:  Weights may not be bolted to the battery box for safety reasons.

Carburetion:  All cars must compete with the current Weber 48mm DCOE modified to 50mm as supplied by Star. “Legalized” earlier versions of the 48mm may be allowed at the discretion of the Technical Director. Weber-manufactured 50mm carburetors are not permitted.

The following internal restrictions shall apply:

            Fuel Jet range:  195-230

            Air Corrector jet range: 215-240

            Idle Jet options: F6 .50 - .70 / F10 .50 - .70

            Accelerator Pump Rod:  Maximum length 12mm (Weber spec) or 59.5mm overall length

            Only K&N filter part no. E-3491PK is permitted. Additional filtration may be fitted to the outer surface of this filter.

Fuel:  Only the Series-designated fuel may be used.

Tires:  Only Goodyear tires specified by Star are permitted. Rain tires must be Goodyear brand.

Super Traps: May be removed at select events at the direction of Series Officials.

Car Covers:  May not be fitted post race at impound until released.