October 18, 2002

Board of Directors

Sports Car Club of America

9033 E. Easter Place

Englewood CO 80112

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am writing as a long-term Club member, participant, and supplier to SCCA, to protest your pattern of unfair and illegal preferential treatment of SCCA Enterprises by SCCA, Inc. Your recently published directive to the Competition Board, to identify two national classes in which the Formula and Sports Car versions of a proposed new Enterprises car should be classified, is the latest glaring example. This follows by only a few months the denial of our similar request as well as those of others.

It appears the Board of Directors assumes the Club’s ownership of Enterprises justifies preferential treatment. I believe this works to the detriment of all members who do not race in Enterprises-based, Club-subsidized, classes and maintain that the overall good of the Club and its membership are therefore not well served.

There is no justification for different rules for a Club-owned subsidiary. In fact, it calls into question whether the governing body for Club racing should be permitted to own a subsidiary that competes against its members and rigs the rules to its advantage.

It is my opinion that a correction of this pattern and practice is overdue. To continue on the present course, I believe, imperils the future of the Club.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a written reply beyond the usual form letter.


Gary E. Rodrigues

Member #144124