Star Mazda Drivers: Meet The Fans! 

FRIDAY, AUG. 24, 2001- - In response to suggestions from several Star Mazda Series teams, the first "Star Mazda Drivers: Meet The Fans" autograph
session will be held at the Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, Sept. 8, after qualifying. Similar to the ALMS autograph session, drivers instead should
be on hand outside their respective trailer areas in their driver suits to sign autographs and meet the fans touring the paddock. Teams and drivers
are encouraged to display sponsor materials as well as their race cars.

"Obviously, the race track is the perfect place to meet racing people," said Star Mazda Series administrator Gary Rodrigues. "Showcasing
not only our series, but especially our rising star drivers have always been our goals and this activity should further help accomplish that

The Star Mazda Drivers: Meet The Fans session will be announced over the P.A. throughout Saturday morning and especially during the
45-minute qualifying session.

Here are some more details and suggestions:

WHAT?: "Star Mazda Drivers: Meet The Fans!"

WHEN?: Saturday, Sept. 8, after qualifying (approximately 11 a.m.)

WHERE?: In Star Mazda Series paddock area, outside each team trailer

WHO?: All drivers encouraged to participate

HOW?: Drivers should be dressed in their driver suits. A designated area outside your trailer with a table to sign autographs and greet fans is
suggested. Bio cards and/or sponsor information can be handed out with autographs. Displaying a race car is also suggested.

OTHER IDEAS: Please keep traffic flow patterns open. Don't block aisles with displayed race cars or other items, like the autograph table
and chairs. A supply of Sharpie markers is a must! Have fun greeting the fans, especially the children, who come to meet you!
Thanks so much, in advance, for your participation and enthusiasm. 

Please pass along any and all comments or suggestions to Jane Anderson before, during or after the signing session.

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Media info: Jane Anderson,  or (702) 399-3031