August 8, 2001


To All Star Mazda Racers:


With some of the Divisional Series now winding up, the North American Championship is in full swing with only half the races completed. Scott Bradley and Chad Block have combined speed with consistency to share the top spot in the standings, but Scott Jenkins and Marc Devellis have been coming on strong and many others are still “in the hunt.” It is noteworthy that rookies occupy 3rd place and 6th – 12th in the Championship points.


Portland had a field of 45 beautifully turned-out cars take the green and there was an impressive display of talent throughout the weekend. There were, however, some notable errors from time to time and they occasionally came from people who should know better.


Scott Jenkins had an apparent win taken away for “brake checking” the field on the final restart, costing him four points in the Championship. Oliver Rowen’s rev-limiter was found to be adjusted 62 RPM too high and he was moved to the position of last running car, costing him 21 points. Phil Fogg was penalized two positions for rough driving. Matt Beardsley was disqualified and suspended for one additional Championship event for ignoring the black flag. While all the penalized drivers thought the actions were harsh, nearly all drivers agreed that if unacceptable behavior went unpunished the Series would only see more of it.


Expect to see a continued very low tolerance for technical infractions and for intentional violations of rules of the road. As a training ground for developing drivers, the Series has been somewhat more forgiving of unintentional driver errors when they tend to fall into the “racing incident” scenario. We think this is as it should be. Your comments are always welcome.


On the calendar after the September Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca date comes the Runoffs at Mid Ohio. Better weather is expected and the approximately $40,000 of prizes for FM should draw a large field of strong competition. The customary “Formula Mazda Corral” in the paddock has been arranged. Please contact this office to let us know the size of your rig and how many cars are attending. We will set up space for you, while it lasts, and let you know the parking procedure.


Please note that we are moving, on or about September 1st, to a new, larger facility. The new address and telephone will be:


                        10639 Glenoaks Boulevard

                        Pacoima CA 91331-1613

                        (818) 686-3350


There has been a new proposal made (not by us) to the Competition Board to abandon the Formula Mazda tire rules as “unenforceable.” The last time this came up, the Formula Mazda racers were overwhelmingly in favor of the present rules. Perhaps feelings have changed. Maybe tech personnel shortages dictate some new procedures for marking tires. Years ago, when we had a spec tire for the class listed in the F.C.S., it tended to work against some club racers. That is how we got to where the rule is now. Let the Comp Board, and us, know how you feel. Remember: “Be careful what you wish for,” but, if you stand on the sidelines, do not complain about the outcome.


See you at the races!



Gary E. Rodrigues