July 27, 2001


To All Star FM Racers:


Sears Point was a terrific event, with perfect weather throughout and a large field of well-prepared Formula Mazdas. Jane Anderson’s story, along with results and points standings, are attached.


It was announced at Sears Point, and now here, that the Star Mazda Series “Supp Regs” are amended, effective with the Portland event, to include a maximum limit on carburetor pump rod overall length to be 59.5 mm. This measurement is nominal in that a small tolerance will be granted for production variables due to the top of the rod being braised to the arm which holds the spring and piston portion of the mechanism. See Todd Cook’s explanation, attached, or check directly with Todd if you are not certain your car is in compliance with the new regulation. NOTE:  New cars produced in the last two years were delivered with 59.5 mm pump rods. Also, carburetors unmodified beyond the increase from 48 mm to 50 mm as delivered, have the same operating distance, or stroke, with the longer pump rods previously approved as with the 59.5 mm rod. Therefore, no performance or tuning differences should result from going to the 59.5 mm rod, if you had previously used the longer one.


The entry and latest schedule for the September date at Mazda Raceway is enclosed. Please note:  the Star Mazda North American Championship race now is set for Sunday, just before the main event.


With our announcement of the October race at Mazda Raceway, we have already had a lot of new inquiries. We are again enclosing a copy of the news release. We hope to include all Formula Mazda drivers who wish to compete. Remember, the October race with C.A.R.T. will be sanctioned by Professional Sports Car, same as all other North American Championship events. Therefore, all the credentials required will be the same as at the events we run with American Le Mans. There will be no test day scheduled. October with C.A.R.T. is a three-day event.


We expect the biggest problem will be paddock space. It may be necessary for those who usually transport only one or two cars per race rig to “consolidate” with a tractor/trailer that can accommodate at least five or six race cars. We will keep you informed and try to minimize any inconvenience.


There will be a new schedule of Speedvision play dates, to allow for the October Laguna show, to be announced soon.


See you at the races!



Gary E. Rodrigues