Taylor Fletcher named Test Driver for Team California IRL effort

Team California Racing announced today that Driver Taylor Fletcher has been hired as back-up and testing driver for IRL Team California. Team California has recently acquired their first Dallara/Aurora chassis and expects to run a partial season in 2001 and a full season in 2002. It is expected that as the Team acquires additional sponsorship, a second car will be added and Fletcher will be running second car on a full-time basis. 

Series veteran Stan Waddles has been targeted as the primary driver for the Team initially. Team owner Jeffrey Babbitt was quoted as saying: “We are very pleased to have Taylor Fletcher driving for our Team. This summer he tested an INDY car at the Colorado One-Mile Oval with approximately 15 other drivers, both rookies and series veterans. Fletcher ran consistently in the top 5 in lap times the entire day and got up to speed very quickly.