Race cars must comply with current SCCA GCR and Formula Car specs, plus:

Electrical: Only the MSD spark box 6AL shall be allowed. The box must be mounted on either side of the upper firewall/headrest panel.

Suspension: As of 6/1/00 all cars must be fitted with current Star spec suspension parts. Including, but not limited to, the following: upright castings, lower pins; rockers, a-arms; shock legs and all common links. Russell/Hayashi parts no longer allowed.

Transmission: Blueprinting of transmission is allowed. Upon release by Star, cars may be allowed to run MK5 gears in the following ratios: 15:30, 15:25, 17:23, 18:25, 19:23, 24:27, 25:26.

Wheels: Wheel centers may be refinished, painted or powder coated. Stub axles may be drilled for safety clips.

Brakes: Only two-piece hats and rotors shall be allowed.

Clutch: As of 6/1/00 current Star-supplied diaphragm pressure plates shall be mandatory.

Bodywork: Trimming of body is allowed only to the extent necessary to allow proper fit. Maximum gap to frame members .500@. Cars may be painted as desired. Nose poles must be of .083@ steel tubing and must be held securely in the nose with the use of one or more split-collar clamps or similar devices to prevent the pole from coming dislodged in the event of wing loss.

Maximum front wing angle of attack shall be 16 degrees measured with a straightedge, on the top wing surface to the trailing edge without Gurney and with driver seated in car, post race.

Ballast: Weight may no longer be bolted to the battery box for safety reasons.

Carburetion: All cars must run current Weber 48mm DCOE in modified form to 50mm as supplied on current cars with 44mm chokes only.

The following restrictions apply:

Fuel Jets: 195-230 (Weber 73401-195 to 73401-230)
Air Corrector Jets: 215-240 Weber 77401-215 to 77401-240)
Idle Jet: F6 or F10 only (Weber 74819.50 - .70 and 74823.50 - .70)
Accelerator Pump Rod: Weber 10mm, 14mm , or 16mm (part nos. 10410.015, 10410.016,

Only K&N air filter, part no. E-3491PK allowed. Additional filtration may be fitted to the outer surface of the filter K&N, part no. E-3650PK.

Fuel: Only VP Racing, MS-932, permitted.

Tires: Only Goodyear tires as specified by Star Mazda Series administrators for each event may be used, or Goodyear FM rain tires at any time, by driver’s choice.

Super Traps: May be removed from exhaust system for certain events at the direction of Series officials.

REV Limiter Chips: May be removed from MSD box at certain oval track events at the direction of Series officials.

Optional Gear Ratios: May be permitted at certain events at the direction of Series officials.