February 10, 2000

Dear FM Racers:

In our bulletin January 31st, we advised you that we were working with engineers to upgrade driver safety on Formula Mazdas. We are pleased to report that our suggested improvement to the rollbar structure, has been approved by SCCA for immediate use, if desired, by any FM owner/driver. The engineering analysis shows the new structure (the original structure, plus approved modification) is substantially stronger than the original, especially at the top, where we have seen two bars bent in the past few years.

The new design will be incorporated into all new cars produced starting March 2000 and will be required by SCCA, ,starting January 2001. Upgrade kits will be available soon. The parts (P/N 030-138) will cost $264.70. The welding and labor we estimate will run $100 - $150. We will be happy to arrange for the work to be done on your car, or you may coordinate through any Star Formula Mazda dealer. You may also contact Todd Cook if you wish. A poorly done repair could be significantly weaker than the design should be, so it is vital that welding be done by a knowledgeable, certified welder. Order the rollbar and kit from your dealer if you want it in time for the spring races.

Now that some of you are happy to finally make minimum weight at 1350 pounds, some of you cannot find enough places in the race car for lead ballast! One possible (read legal) solution is a stainless steel belly pan. We are having some punched out now. They add about 25 pounds to the car in a pretty good location. If you want one, order now.

See you at the races!

Gary E. Rodrigues