February 10, 2000

To All FM Racers:

We are not yet able to publish all of the prizes in the Best Western Championship Series, but we would like to get most of the facts out:

(1) The Series champion will win a new, model year 2001, Mazda Miata.

(2) A committee will select one driver from the top five finishers in the Series to receive a test with a pro team in a 2000 pro series spec, Swift Formula Atlantic. This will be the "World Speed Motorsports Rising Star Award."

(3) Cash awards for the top 10 drivers in the Series, will be paid as follows: 1st – Miata + $10,000 cash, 2nd - $15,000, 3rd - $10,000, 4th - $8,000, 5th - $6,000, 6th - $5,000, 7th - $4,000, 8th - $3,000, 9th - $2,500, and 10th - $2,000.

(4)  There will be a Masters Class for the Series. The prize for the Masters champion will be a test in our Mazda rotary-powered RT-41 FA.

(5)  Free rooms will again be awarded, by random draw, for Best Western Hotels.

(6) There will not be a separate entry fee for the TV Series. All Star Mazda Series entered drivers in the Speedvision televised races will be counted.

(7) All eight TV races will be scored, using the Star Mazda Series West points system.

The Professional Sports Car application forms are available for those who plan to run one or more of the Star Mazda Series pro sanctioned races. Please note that Sports Car has a rate for one race only or for the whole season, your choice. The drivers, of course, need a completed physical form. Everyone should fill out the release form, sign it and have it witnessed in front of a notary, and return it with the application forms. Crew licenses do not require the physical exam from a doctor, but everyone should complete the 2000 medical information form for use in case of emergency at track.

The big advantage to the notarized release form is, it is an annual release. Therefore, your 2000 hard card (driver or crew license) means you do not need to stand in line to sign waivers at each pro race. That will make the pro sanctioned events run smoother and be easier for the whole team. Hard cards are photo IDs. Therefore, a color photo of each applicant should accompany the paperwork. Put your name on it to avoid confusion. Do not worry about the size of the photo. The machine can adjust it to fit.

Try to get your application in to Professional Sports Car ASAP. Avoid last minute heroics.

With the amount of information that is sent out in each mailer, e-mail is looking more and more attractive. We are trying to avoid charging you to be on the mailing list like Toyota Atlantic and other Pro series do. You would be doing yourself and us a big favor by e-mailing us at starmazda@aol.com to tell us that you would like to get our mailings by e-mail. By doing this you will receive the mail days sooner, depending on where you are living. We will be able to e-mail you to let you know when there is news on our web site. By the way, our site starmazda.com is up and running. It is the same web address, but we have heard that if you go through your favorites files or your heart files it won't come up. Because it is a new server, please re-type it in and hit GO! We are sure you will be pleased.

See you at the races!

Gary E. Rodrigues