March 4, 1999 

To All FM Racers:

As many of you are preparing for Sebring, we want to get out some information you may find helpful. First, the stats on the spec fuel which has just been formulated and tested are attached here. This fuel will be the only one permitted at all American LeMans related weekends and at all Star Mazda Series – West events. It will be supplied by VP at the track, from their truck, in whatever quantities you wish. Cost is $2.85 per gallon. They pump it into any safe container you provide.

Second, a copy of several clarifications that will be published in the April "Fastrack" are enclosed. They become official for SCCA Club racing as of April first; however, we will consider them in effect for Sebring. This should allow everyone to run the rear wings as flat as they wish and still keep the jam nuts in place on the adjuster links. The new alternative mirrors will not be available for a while. You may order them now, but they will only be released when we can fill all orders at once, probably in about 30 days.

If you are having trouble getting down to minimum weight, you are reminded that January’s "Fastrack" said any type or brand of battery may be used. Also, the alloy brake calipers are available. Those two changes alone are worth at least 20 pounds of weight reduction, if you need it. WARNING: The time limit for returning iron brake calipers for exchange credit against the purchase of alloy calipers will be extended only until Monday, April 12th. To receive the $300 credit ($75 per caliper) the iron calipers must be received at our warehouse in Van Nuys not later than that date and must be in working order. Orders received by Star Mazda dealers, accompanied by exchange calipers, and processed by Star Race Cars on or before Friday, April 9th, will be honored.

Any applications for credentials received by Professional Sports Car Racing after Friday, February 26th, will be processed and taken to the track, rather than being mailed back. Registration will be open starting Saturday, March 13th. Annual credentials that were not mailed back to you may be picked up there. Also, any single race credentials will always need to be picked up at registration for any Professional Sports Car sanctioned event.

If you do not have your race or Series entry into our office before Friday, March 12th, bring it to the track. Suzi will be there Wednesday, March 17th, to handle post entries. Monday and Tuesday practices are through the track.

Anyone wishing to carry an in-car camera for the espn2 show should let us know. Cost is $500.

Uniform patches and Series-required decals are available from Star Race Cars or through any dealer. We will bring them to Sebring. Make sure every sponsor gets the recognition they deserve.

Every car should display a decal on each side for: Mazda, BBS, NGK, Goodyear, Star Mazda Series, VP and "Sports Car." There also need to be decals on the nose facing forward, for Star Race Cars, "Sports Car," and the Mazda Flying "M." Decals must always be on a contrasting background so they are clearly visible. Series officials will be verifying compliance.

We are expecting a field size in excess of 40 racers for this first Pro event of 1999. Please plan ahead and allow a little extra time for everything. We will do our best to help make the event go smoothly for everyone; if you have any questions or problems during the weekend, bring it to the attention of a Series official and we will deal with it as fast as possible. We want everyone to have maximum fun and enjoy being part of a great show.

See you at the races!


Gary E. Rodrigues